Sport Field Reservation Policy


  1. Mandatory pre-season meeting with all the coaches. There will be at least 2 meetings a year to determine the practice schedule for July – December and January – June.
  2. At the pre-season meeting, coaches will draw numbers randomly (Raffle) to determine order depending on if priority team or non priority team.
  3. Priority as to picking days of play will be given to teams with 50% of the players who are residents. If more than one priority team attends pre pre-season meeting, those teams draw numbers to determine which team has first choice. After priority team(s) have picked days of play, non priority teams will have the next choice based on the number drawn during the Raffle. After order is determined by Raffle, the team who drew number one gets to pick first field reservation, followed by the team who drew number two, three, four, etc (Round 1). After Round 1, teams follow in the same order for Round 2.
  4. Teams can choose 2 practice times a week max.
  5. Practice days are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Wednesday is a field rest day. The fields are open Saturday and Sunday on a first come first serve basis.
  6. Practice times available each practice day is from 4-6 or 6 to sunset.
  7. Play is not allowed when fields are not usable (ie: soggy).
  8. Resident reservations will no longer be allowed for fields. Outside of this system, field use will be first come first serve.
  9. This policy does not apply to Pavilion reservations which continue under the current system.
  10. The Board reserves the right to cancel any reservation for any reason.
  11. This policy can be varied depending on the number of teams who are interested in participating.