District Park Pavilion
      Basketball Court
      Football/Soccer Field
      HOA Neighborhood Swimming Pool
      Fall Festival 2010
    • Welcome to The Meadows of Chandler Creek

      The Meadows of Chandler Creek MUD (“MCC MUD”) is located on the East side of Round Rock, Texas.  It is close to major employers, shopping, and schools in the prestigious Round Rock Independent School District.

      The MCC MUD is a governmental entity created by the Texas Legislature in 1985 under Chapter 54 of the Texas Water Code.  As a governmental entity, it can exercise certain governmental powers, including the power to levy and collect taxes.  A MUDs primary purpose is to provide water and waste water services; however, the MCC MUD has contracted with the City of Round Rock to provide most of these services.  The MCC MUD strives to provide neighborhood security, park creation and maintenance, and cooperation with the Chandler Creek Home Owner’s Associations. For Information on the HOA pool and HOA itself, call Spectrum at (512) 834-3900.

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